Geological Engineering Student Team Wins 1st ITB Indonesia Geology Olympics 2014


Bandung, (19/11) Geological Engineering Student Team ITB represented by Dantie, Sukiato, Okky and Irvan (GL 2010) ranked first in the 2014 Olympic Games Geological Indonesia (OGI 2014) organized by the University Padjadjaran (UNPAD) .Informasi that our reports of the Chairman of the Department of Geological Engineering Dr.Ir. Budi Brahmantyo, M.Sc achievements of Geological Engineering Student Team ITB for the first time after two times the organization has always won by a team from UGM.

Inevitably achievement this achievement received appreciation from the leaders and lecturers in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth, one of which was delivered by the Dean of FITB “Congratulations to GEA and mentor. To WDA please do not forget to report it to WRKMA to be recorded in the books graduation on April” said Prof.Dr.Ir. Eddy A. Subroto. It also congratulated delivered by lecturers beberaoa Geodesy and Geomatics one Dr.S. Hendriatiningsih “Congratulations for GL Tech students and study programs, the success.”

Congratulations and I hope the achievements could be improved and bring pride to the ITB and the nation

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