Appreciation and Award of Kaprodi in Environment FITB Period 2016-2017; 08 January 2018. Located at the Main Meeting Room of FITB Faculty Office, appreciation and awards ceremony for the Head of Study Program in Environment Faculty of Earth Science and Technology of FITB-ITB Period 2016-2017 period, held with warmth, solid and occasionally interspersed with laughter.

In accordance with SK Rector ITB No. 287 / SK / I1.A / KP / 2017 on the Appointment of Heads of Institutes of Technology Bandung Program Period 2018-2020, there are some Chairman of Study Program at Environment FITB as of December 31, 2017 dismissed with honor from the position as Head of Study Program and dated January 1, 2018 appointed Chairman Prodi for the period 2018-2020.

The appreciation and appreciation are delivered directly by the Dean of FITB-ITB, Bapak. Ir. Benyamin Sapiie, Ph.D. for the Head of Study Program Period 2016-2017 and congratulations to work together, continue to carry the mandate to raise the institution of pride together that is the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology.

In this case the complete formation of Dean of FITB-ITB, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Bapak. Dr. Eng. Imam Achmad Sadisun, ST, MT and Vice Dean for Resources Res. Ir. Dina Anggreni Sarsito, MT is present to jointly express this appreciation.

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