Community Service ITB – Choose Spentriba School for Volcano Disaster Preparedness

Karangasem, – Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) chose Negeri 3 Bebandem (Spentriba) Junior High School (SMP) as the object of research for the Volcano Disaster Preparedness School for three years. The election was because it was located in the Mount Agung Disaster Prone Area (KRB) (Udaya Parwata) so it was deemed necessary to prepare preparedness for eruption disasters that could occur at any time which is now still at level III alert status.

“We encourage schools to be able to prepare early preparedness as an effort to reduce the risk of disasters from existing threats and dangers,” said Chairman of the Research Institute for Community Service, ITB Asep Saepuloh Dr. Eng in Karangasem, Friday (07/09/2018).

This was conveyed after conducting an evacuation simulation of the eruption of Mount Agung and the earthquake. The research took place for three days 6-8 September 2018 at Bebandem 3 Junior High School. Also present were ITB Research Team Members I Gusti Eddy Sucipta, Head of Bebandem I Wayan Jati Junior High School 3 and Bebandem Junior High School 3 Student Representative (Wakasek) Ida Wayan Gotama Adi Putra.

The activity is a form of “Social Education Concern, Volunteer Counseling and Guidance for Emergency Management of Volcano Disaster Management”. According to him, mitigation must be prepared and trained continuously so that students and school components are more responsive to disasters. “Disasters can occur at any time and anywhere, we are only able to prepare ourselves in dealing with that,” he said.

The activity chose schools because the place was often used as a refugee location and post-disaster logistics distribution. Besides school children have the ability to learn and deliver knowledge faster. “Children are the key to promoting safety culture to families and communities effectively,” he said.

Considering, Indonesia has 127 volcanoes that have become bad records that have claimed lives and damaged infrastructure. Such as what happened at the eruption of Mount Tambora (1815), Mount Krakatau (1883) including Mount Agung (1963). Moreover, there has been an increase in Mount Agung activity since 2017 which had caused panic among the Karangasem people and affected the regional and national economy.

This requires a measurable and planned mitigation system and management, especially starting from the school environment. He is a member of the Petrology, Volcanology and Geochemistry Expertise Group (KK) of Earth Sciences and Technology explained, the first year prioritizing disaster education, data collection of infrastructure, systems and resources. evacuation route.

Entering the second year will ensure that the more patented system is equipped with early warning as an “early warning”. Whereas the third year will conduct research involving the community, not just school residents. For this reason, the school will enter the disaster preparedness standard when it meets five parameters, namely knowledge and attitudes, policies, emergency response plans, early warning systems and resource mobilization without any casualties.

The success of the research is expected to be able to apply other schools well with the support of all regional committees of each region. Meanwhile, Head of SMPN 3 Bebandem I Wayan Jati welcomed in accordance with the plan to provide certainty of children’s mitigation. “The effort is so that parents do not worry if there is an eruption or earthquake,” he said.

He also has prepared a disaster alert team to support children in education, training or handling when disasters. The team also exists in each class, facilitating evacuation management … For that, it can equip with sirens and kulkul. Bebandem Junior High School 3 Deputy Chief of Staff, Ida Wayan Gotama Adi Putra admitted that he would train evacuation simulations every week when scouting. “We will strengthen the socialization and training of Bebandem 3 Middle School with OSIS and Scouts,” he said. The activity is to get used to and transmit to families. aya/ama

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