Animal fossils 700 Thousand Year Old Found in Sragen

Fossil animal heads of the family Bovidae found behind the house of a citizen, while digging holes for sewage (septic tank) in the hamlet of Rock, Village Ngebung, Kalijambe, Sragen. Bovidae includes quadrupeds such as cattle, buffalo, bison, and more.

Fossil animal that is estimated buffalo was found at a depth of two meters by a worker, Supratikto (40), while digging. By homeowners, Sukamdi (45), these findings are reported to the Institute for Preservation of Ancient Human Site Sangiran.

Although the size of the fossils can not be determined due to the rigors of subsoil obstacles that prolong the process of excavation, according to the curator of the Laboratory Institute for Preservation of Ancient Human Site Sangiran (BPSMS), Gunawan, the fossil is estimated to come from the Middle Pleistocene or 700000-125000 years ago.

At that same time, BPSMS also transfer 3,000 fossil collections of the Museum Miri to Ancient Man Sangiran Site Museum. This collection, according to archaeologists from BPSMS Anjarwati Sri Sayekti, comes from the excavation years 1989-1998 and consist of, among others, fossil Cervidae (deer family), Bovidae, and a stone ball. Miri Museum, located in the complex Girimargo Elementary School I is located 15 kilometers from the Museum Sangiran.

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